January 2018

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January 2018

The start of the year could feel a little bit like an after party hangover, Mercury is still in its shadow period from its retrograde from last month. On the 11th the trickster moves into Capricorn linking up with Saturn and the Pluto later in the month, rigid thinking and restrictive policies in particular with the UK’s chart. On the 2nd we have a Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees. ‘ a dagger lying beside a skull’ it is in the degree of’ Undoing’ .This will be strongly emphasised as both Mars and Jupiter are travelling together in the transformative sign of Scorpio, on the 6th these two planets make a conjunction allowing secrets from the past in the public arena to come to the surface. There is also a New Moon in Capricorn on the 17th in the degree of ‘Imitation’ a startling reminder of our own ancestral lineage and how that can change the current status quo.


The force of your planetary ruler is picking up pace in your solar 8th house, this is the area where the skeletons are definitely kept in the closet. The big question for you is, are you going to let those close to you finding out who you really are? Now is a time to share your deepest emotions with another. On a different note, your career absorbs the energy of the Sun’s rays, making you stand out in a crowd; bold moves will be made in regard to your personal ambitions.


The New Year kicks off with Mars travelling in the relationship area of your chart; this can add fire and passion to how you deal with others close to you. However there are dangers dwelling with Mars in the guise of anger boiling to the surface rather to easily, or it could just be a rather irritable nature when communicating with partners. The best way to deal with Mars is to make sure that you are direct but not blunt; there is a need for you to act with diplomacy and tact, good luck with that!


The playful energy does not quite kick in until the 11th when Mercury leaves your opposite sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is helping you to expand your awareness of your physical body and your day to day work matters. Gemini is a duel sign that embraces change in routines which is exactly what Jupiter is all about. On the 13th and 14th your ruler Mercury links up with Saturn a combination that teaches you self-discipline against adversity.


The planet Saturn is now transiting in your opposing sign of Capricorn bringing with it a sense of duty and responsibility to your personal relationships. If you are currently in a partnership this could be a period when you begin to clarify the boundaries, if not then you may feel a need to bring a sense of inner security to future relationships. This is a month when the Sun is really shining it light on how you interact with others, don’t disappoint.


Your ruler the Sun is travelling in your soar 6th house until the 20th when it moves into the partnership are of your chart. The first three weeks of January could prove rather frustrating; lots to do with little time to do it could be your mantra. This is a period when it’s about looking after number one and making sure you are not taking on other people’s mistakes. As you reach the last week of the month, an openness and playful attitude comes to the forefront when dealing with others, which suits you fine.


The dance of Mercury over the last four weeks has probably made you feel quite dizzy, from the 11th your ruler ingress into Capricorn another earth element in the creative zone of your chart. This will help you to embark on projects that have stagnated over the last two months; your response if positive will open new doors and contacts in your field of work. On the 24th Mercury hooks up with the God of the Underworld Pluto helping you to dig deep into your soul and reflect on your own inner resources.


Partnerships is always a key area in your life, however you might need to be mindful of other peoples over reactions this month as your ruler squares your Sun until the 18th. Uranus moves direct on the 2nd for the first time since last year in August in your opposing sign Aries. Any misunderstandings or delays when dealing with those close to you will begin to fade and bring back a restored faith in human behaviour.


Mars is powerfully placed in your own sign until the 27th; this adds a ferocity and directness to your day to day existence. On the 11th and 12th Mars also joins up with Jupiter giving an ability to have quite a visionary bearing on your personality. This could be a little bit intense for the more sensitive souls of this world, but it’s important that you don’t let others dictate your pace and passion for the new direction that you are going.


Your new year accelerates from the 27th when the planet Mars enters your own sign to fire up your enthusiasm for life. This is the perfect antidote to your long suffering relationship with Saturn over the last two half years. The only issue that can occur with Mars is a tendency to speak before you think, but that is a characteristic associated with the archers already, so most will not be surprised by your frankness.


Now that Saturn has begun its journey back in your own sign there can be a period of inner strength and belief that can start to manifest in your consciousness. Venus and Mercury both transit through your own sign making January a busy month for you. On the 17th we have a Full Moon at 26 degrees in your zodiac sign a timely reminder of the cycle of endings and beginnings.


You will feel it’s a slow start to the year, but as the month progresses external influences will get busier and more frantic. Venus enters your sign on the 18th which creates some lovely moments in relation to your romantic life and creative endeavours. Right at the end on the 31st we have a Total Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign of Leo clouding issues with relationships, do not make any major emotional decisions during this period.


Don’t be surprised if you feel a little out of sorts in the early part of January, the planets are actually trying to get you to be a little bit more pragmatic, not an easy task for the fish. However if you do accept this energy you just mind find out how decisive you really can be when you put your mind to it. Try to remain focused on the present situations rather than your past actions this month.