February 2023


This month is a period which will see a lot of movement, all of the planets are moving forward, there are no retrogrades, apart from the moons nodes. Mars is still travelling through the zodiac sign of Gemini while making a sextile aspect with Jupiter, a collective opportunity for expansion and growth. The planet Saturn is at the last stages of its passage through Aquarius before next month when it moves into Pisces. This means that the intense square aspect between Saturn and Uranus is now officially wanning in power. From the 1st the planet Venus travels through its sign of exaltation  Pisces. The Full Moon on the 5th at 16 degrees in Leo ‘A man riding a camel with attendants following’ is in the degree of journeying. The symbolism from a collective and astrological point of view is a new vision that is being created for the future.