December 2016

December 2016

Two heavyweight planets oppose each other on the 22nd -30th Jupiter and Uranus in the axis of Libra and Aries a powerful symbol of the individual working against other people’s views. This is an idealistic aspect that demands attention in the political arena, the UK will feel this aspect since Libra and Aries are in the UK’s 1st and 7th houses, open political enemies make themselves known. On the 14th we have a full moon at 22 degrees in Gemini ‘a young woman lying beneath a tree, throwing food to the birds which gather round her’ artistic achievements can be excelled during this period as well as the art of forgiveness to others, a fitting moon for the celebrations in the Western world at this time. Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde (yes that time again) from the 19th in the sign of Capricorn, the establishment taking a hit for things they have said in the past that have been incorrect.


December is a month when we celebrate the end of autumn and the bringer of winter, for Aries it is a time of optimism and new ideas that can help to define your next moves for 2017. It’s about listening to your intuition and your inner core. Your ruler Mars moves into the nebulous sign of Pisces on the 19th igniting your passion for all things mysterious and spiritual.


This month might feel like you are liberated internally from the pressures of other people’s expectations. The shift in energy will be felt on many levels and how you interact with others; this could see you delve more deeply into the spiritual subjects that previously have made you feel uneasy. Venus demands that you consider your needs rather than carrying the heavy burden of those close to you.


The Sun for the majority of the month travels through your opposite sign of Sagittarius, meaning most of your energy will be directed towards being out of your comfort zone. This will become intensified on the 14th as the Full Moon is in your own sign of Gemini applying an opposition with the planet Saturn. However Mars is on your side giving you strength and the ability to get your point across without guilt or indecision.


Those deep emotions that tend to surface when we least expect them are the general theme for the crabs in December. The energetic tides of your emotions are strong during these next four weeks as the sentimental side of your personality is in full flow in expression. This will be intensified as you approach the end of the month as the Full Moon on the 29th illuminates in your opposite sign of Capricorn shining its light on the relationship area of your life.


The Sun travels in Sagittarius until the 21st, this helps to support your own creativity and self-expression since the element of fire is dominating your consciousness. The planet Mars transits your opposite sign of Aquarius with Venus joining in on the 8th. This allows you to focus on the needs of others that are close to you, it can also bring about some major changes in your relationship status and how you view yourself as a team.


You may think that your life is going sideways at the moment, it is not, but the feeling will be of venturing into unknown territory, but are you really? When you look back to the period of September this year you may suddenly see parallels with what has been occurring in December, take heart, this is a perfect opportunity to put right what once went wrong without guilt or self-indulgence but with strength and determination.


There is a clash between Jupiter and Uranus in the sky this month that directs its energy on your individuality and those close to you in partnerships. With Uranus you’re always dealing with the unexpected, so don’t be surprised if there is a little tension in a relationship that needs to be released. This can be liberating for you because Jupiter always wants to expand its horizons, just tell others of your intentions first.


After the dramatic shift of the Full Moon last month there is a quieter four weeks ahead on an internal level. Scorpios are a sign that likes to live life just on the emotional edge, its where they feel most at home, when life becomes, dare I say it ‘ordinary’ they can become slightly agitated and it is within this theme that strikes a cord with you Scorpio’s, enjoy the peace it will all flare up again in January.


Your birthday month for a majority of you and the presence of Mercury travelling through your own sign only increases your need to expand your mind and pull the weeds out that have stopped you from developing. This all sounds rather good, and it is, but a word of warning weeds grow back again, so make sure you check you aren’t reacting to a situation by just stamping on it and hoping it will go away.


The common theme these next four weeks is about creating space for you to just be. This is all down to your planetary ruler Saturn residing in the solar 12th house. This will become much more prevalent as Saturn trines Uranus from the 20th -28th a time of old wounds from the past being healed and forgiven in unusual ways, helping you to listen to your inner needs. This will be quite a powerful ending to the year as you have a New Moon in your own sign on the 29th bringing renewal and freedom in expression.


Venus and Mars do a dance in your own sign during this month, they don’t get close enough to each other to make a direct impact, it could be a case of one step forward and two steps back in relation to your social life. The good news is that right at the end of the year on the 29th when we have a New Moon your modern ruler Uranus starts moving forward to help you embrace the New Year with vigour and optimism.


There is a distinct party atmosphere around the Pisces this month, the Sun is in your solar 10th house and therefore is putting you in the spotlight light. This is especially good if you happen to be self-employed since your energy levels and drive will see you be able to make a huge impact in your chosen industry.