Debut Book Published

Astrological Dynamics of the Universe

jhp4fdf363ecf046‘Astrological Dynamics of The Universe’ is Book of The Month in ‘Silent Voices Magazine’.

‘A fascinating cosmic journey…..This book is very practical. If Astrology is completely new to you, you will quickly understand how astrology works and why it is relevant……If you are looking for a dynamic read I recommend this particular astrological journey into the future, this book may change your perception of life!’

Lourdes Garcia-Mendoza

‘The International Society for Astrological Research’ also reviewed Astrological Dynamics of The Universe.

‘ With an increased awareness amongst the population at large that we are going through changes of unprecended proportions this book is a very helpful, easily readable and timely contribution to understanding the participation of the outer planetary cycles in these changes for both astrologers and non astrologers alike…….a highly informative book…as it offers an engaging,enriching and stimulating approach to current transits, including the build up and aftermath.’

( Extract of review from, Volume 42, number 2, page 13 of International Astrologer magazine)