• November 2022

    We have now entered into the retrograde period of Mars in Gemini until the 13th of January 2023, this is a cycle that brings disruption and at times chaos in the political and economic world. This is intensified because Mars is also making a square aspect with the nebulous planet Neptune causing hidden factors that Continue reading »

  • October 2022

    This is a major month when the planets begin to be able to create new opportunities for us all to start to make sense of the world. On the 2nd Mercury starts moving forwards in Virgo which is followed by Pluto on the 9th and then Jupiter travelling direct on the 23rd. We also have Continue reading »

  • September 2022

    There is a collective hangover from the previous month that continues to manifest over these next four weeks, as most of the outer planets are backwards, plus we have a Mercury in Libra retrograde from the 10th to contend with. From the 8th Mars in Gemini is in the second decan ‘The Lord of despair Continue reading »

  • August 2022

      The sky is full of retrogrades this month as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus from the 24th, Neptune and Pluto are moving backwards. This also intensified by the conjunction of Mars and Uranus at the beginning of the month , when these to clash it tends to create revolutionary energy in the public domain, in particular Continue reading »

  • July 2022

    July is a month when Saturn , Neptune, Pluto, the asteroid Chiron are all moving backwards and on the 28th Jupiter also joins them on its retrograde motion. This intensifies the political arena especially from the 5th when the planet Mars enters Taurus a zodiac sign it is detriment in. This causes tension and an Continue reading »

  • June 2022

    June 2022 The energy of the planets this month is one of progress from a collective level, on the 3rd Mercury moves direct while on the 4th the planet Kronos himself, otherwise known as Saturn, goes retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This is a major turning point in the year, Saturn will remain Continue reading »

  • New Online Couse in Psychic Astrology

    In conjunction with Watkins Wisdom Academy I have produced a new online course in Psychic Astrology, pre recorded so that you can work at your own pace , click on the link below to enrol What you will learn in this course: Lesson 1 – An overview of Psychic Astrology: how to understand and use Continue reading »

  • May 2022

    This month sees the return of the retrogrades as Pluto but also Mercury from the 10th goes retrograde in the sign of Gemini creating setbacks in the areas of short distant travelling , early education, emails, and phones in general. This is helped by the fact that Mercury rules Gemini, so it is in a Continue reading »

  • April 2022

    The planetary energy for April is one of progression, all conquering zest of Aries always wants to look ahead rather than back. From the 1st to 10th Mercury is also transiting Aries helping us all get straight to the point in our general communication with each other, even is at times it may seem others Continue reading »

  • March 2022

    March 2022 There are strong aquarian themes that are displayed this month as we have the planets Venus, Mars, and Saturn’s continual transit through the water bearer. This month is the end of the zodiac wheel cycle , but also the beginning as we approach the spring equinox on the 20th of March. The cosmic Continue reading »