• September 2023

    The good news is that on the 4th the planet Venus goes direct, while the not so good news is a few hours later Jupiter goes retrograde. This sets the tone of the month as the planetary activity suggests a turbulent time from a political angle. On the 15th we have a New Moon at Continue reading »

  • August 2023

    This is a month when we have a Venus retrograde to contend with as well as a Full Moon on the 1st at 9 degrees in Aquarius ‘a ruin consisting of the remains of an ancient massive wall, with an archway therein’ symbolises many possibilities for the future. This sets the astrological tone for the Continue reading »

  • July 2023

    July This is a major astrological month, Venus, Saturn , Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde at some point during the course of the next four weeks. First of all the retrograde of the planet Venus from the 23rd until the 4th of September in the zodiac sign of Leo. This  combination usually indicates a Continue reading »

  • June 2023

    June is a far easier month than the previous as the fixed planets start to separate in the heavy square aspect was dominating the sky in May. Pluto is now travelling backwards in Aquarius before it re-enters Capricorn on the 12th for the rest of the year. The significance of this is tying up any Continue reading »

  • May 2023

    There is a Mercury retrograde to contend with until the 15th when the mischief goes direct in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Joining Mercury for the first time in twelve years is the planet Jupiter on the 16th moving into the zodiac sign of the bull. This is a major astrological event since Jupiter is Continue reading »

  • April 2023

    The planet Jupiter is travelling in its final full month through the astrological sign of Aries before it enters the zodiac sign Taurus, meaning the energy of Jupiter brings in a high degree of optimism and farsightedness. However over the next four weeks we get a real taste of how the planet Pluto will evolve Continue reading »

  • March 2023

    March The major astrological event this month happens on the 7th when for the first time in nearly thirty years ago the planet Saturn moves into Pisces. The stability of Saturn actually adds weight and determination to the Piscean nebulous nature. Over the next two and half years we could see limitations put on social Continue reading »

  • February 2023

    February This month is a period which will see a lot of movement, all of the planets are moving forward, there are no retrogrades, apart from the moons nodes. Mars is still travelling through the zodiac sign of Gemini while making a sextile aspect with Jupiter, a collective opportunity for expansion and growth. The planet Continue reading »

  • January 2023

    We start the new year with a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn that moves direct on the 18th , while on the 12th Mars goes direct in Gemini. On the 22nd the planet Uranus also moves forward signally a time of optimism and collective responsibility. This is followed by a New Moon on the 21st at Continue reading »

  • December 2022

    December is a time when we begin to reflect on the past twelve months. However, the retrograde of Gemini in the opposite zodiac that rules December, Sagittarius means that there is little time to take a step back from the manic planetary energy that we are all experiencing. However, the planets Jupiter, Saturn Pluto and Continue reading »