• New You Tube Channel

    Below is the link to Demian’s new Astrology and Tarot You Tube Channel.        

  • 2021 Horscopes

      After 2020 I’m sure most of us are looking towards 2021 hoping that there will be a marked shift from last year. Well for many, the recent pandemic created from an astrological point of view through the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto making conjunctions in Capricorn certainly magnified 2020’s recent issues. However both Jupiter Continue reading »

  • November/December 2020

      The last two months of 2020, a year which has changed society for ever, the planets of Jupiter , Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have made sure that we now all know what restrictions mean. As we enter 2021 there is a marked shift in the planets Jupiter and Saturn that move into Aquarius Continue reading »

  • September/October 2020

    Aries   September   This is a major month for you rams, your planet Mars is going retrograde in your own zodiac sign from the 10th of the month. This is a bit like retreating from battle and given yourself a rest from the hustle and bustle of the world. Aries is a sign that Continue reading »

  • July 2020

    The big astrological news is that we have the planet Saturn on the 2nd move back into the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This is the last waltz of Saturn’s transit through the sign of the goat and while it might seem like a last goodbye, Saturn is going to meet back up with Pluto. These Continue reading »

  • June 2020

    Aries   June   There is a heavy dose of Pisces energy in your chart during the next four weeks that you might feel that the metaphorical mists of time are surrounding you. However it’s important to mention that sometimes in life we have to use other senses like intuition to help us make decisions Continue reading »

  • May 2020

    We have four planets retrograde this month, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, meaning there is a ground hog day feeling over the next four weeks. This is striking from the 13th as Venus goes retrograde in Gemini; too many options on the table could be a good description of this union. From a political point Continue reading »

  • April 2020

    April On the 1st of this month the malefic planets Mars and Saturn make a conjunction with each other in Aquarius, revolution is in the air. For the UK this is placed in their 5th house of creativity and speculation, while the USA has the conjunction in their 3rd house, both countries are planning new Continue reading »