• November 2016

    November The USA elections is scheduled for Tuesday the 8th of November with Mars at 29 degrees in Capricorn ‘a dark and lonely pool overhung by wooded banks’ it is in the degree of ‘contemplation’ meaning the election results could drag through to the next day with some contradictory messages. On the 14th the Full Continue reading »

  • October 2016

    October On the 19th of October we have Mars making a conjunction with Pluto; the underworld is suddenly in the limelight in the UK and the USA. On the 16th we have a Full Moon in Aries at 23 degrees linking up with the planet Uranus by transit. The degree meaning is ‘a man standing Continue reading »

  • September 2016 and Horoscopes

    September The Full harvest Moon on the 16th is at 24 degrees Pisces with a lunar eclipse, ‘a woman reclining upon a couch, scantily attired’ it is the degree of sensuality. The meaning behind this symbolism defines a touch of moral outrage in the public life of politicians. From the 1st – 21st Mercury is Continue reading »

  • August 2016

    The new moon in Leo on the 2nd indicates the flavour of the month a burst of fiery energy as Mars moves into Sagittarius giving a lighter humours touch to proceedings. This should be especially prevalent in diplomatic relations between countries. On the 18th the Full Moon is at 25 degrees in Aquarius ‘ a Continue reading »

  • The Astrological Progressive Sun

    Our Sun sign is our vitality, it is our energy giver that allows us to influence others and give growth to relationships and projects that we come into direct contact with. Understanding our Sun sign is a journey on an archetypal level as well as an emotional and spiritual basis. In astrology we are made Continue reading »

  • The Psychic Shudder

    The Psychic Shudder   By Demian Allan       Moments in time create memories that we as humans can feed back to when we are in a sentimental mood or if we want to refer to an event that has passed. But some moments in our life are stronger than others, some moments strike Continue reading »

  • The Best Spiritual Practices for the twelve zodiac signs

    Astrology has many insights to offer, personality traits, hidden talents, compatibility, planetary cycles and career. However one of the questions I get asked frequently by my clients, is what spiritual practice should they involve themselves in according to their Sun sign? When considering this I look to the planets and elements that rule each Sun Continue reading »

  • Why Your Birth Time Matters

    Astrology is a complicated intuitive science that enables humankind to look to the whole universe for answers to life`s big questions. Your exact birth time is reveals your cosmic DNA, allowing our higher self to integrate with our earthly body. Imagine when you are born as a newborn baby, you take your first breath into Continue reading »