August 2023

This is a month when we have a Venus retrograde to contend with as well as a Full Moon on the 1st at 9 degrees in Aquarius ‘a ruin consisting of the remains of an ancient massive wall, with an archway therein’ symbolises many possibilities for the future. This sets the astrological tone for the next four weeks as well all seek to better understand ourselves as a collective. On the 16th we have a New Moon in Leo in the degree of simplicity asking questions in regard to societies priorities for the future. However this maybe delayed, on the 23rd as the Sun enters Virgo followed by  Mercury going retrograde, signally a DeJa’Vu moment from an economic perspective, creating a sense of instability and political fluxes. On the 31st we end the month with a second Full Moon at 7 degrees in Pisces ‘a man with upraised arms submerged in the water, over which a heavy rain is falling’. This creates a symbol of a political figure in the West sinking in a media storm.