August 2022


The sky is full of retrogrades this month as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus from the 24th, Neptune and Pluto are moving backwards. This also intensified by the conjunction of Mars and Uranus at the beginning of the month , when these to clash it tends to create revolutionary energy in the public domain, in particular with the internet. On the 20th Mars enters the zodiac sign of Gemini , action is required on an intellectual level with the need to be adaptable to the needs of others which is supported on the 30th/31st by a trine aspect with Mercury. On the 12th there is a Full Moon at 19 degrees in Aquarius ‘A boat upon the sea to which a submerged man is clinging for support’ in the degree of isolation. The symbology seems to suggest that problems within social media are explored collectively on a deeper level with new questions being asked about the impact on our mental health.