August 2018

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We kick off the month with the planets, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all retrograde. The one consolation is Venus in the month transiting Libra is ruling sign from the 7th. On the 11th there is a partial Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees in Leo ‘A bright mirror in which the sun’s rays are reflected’ this is a dangerous combination that alludes to illusions and grandeur. This is intensified by Mars being in the opposite sign of the royal sign of Leo and the fixed star Regulus. However on the 28th Mars travelling in Aquarius begins to move forward, which should bring a sense of balance and less emotional confusion. How politicians deal with this energy is going to be interesting and revealing, whenever there is Mars planetary movement, secrets are not so secret anymore.


Mars is still retrograde until the 28th when it goes direct for you ram’s so be alert to the fact that you might have one or two delays around you. This is amplified by the Mercury also retrograde in another fire sign of Leo. In the early part of the month Mars is squaring Uranus, complications could arise in terms of financial pressures and demanding friendships.


Any decisions regarding property the home or family issues should ideally be put on hold as Mercury is retrograde for the majority of the month in your solar 4th house. Venus enters Libra on the 7th which in theory should create more harmony in your everyday life. This is a month to put things on hold until you feel that there is much more clarity around you and your loved ones.


Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all are travelling backwards this month causing confusion in terms of directions in your career. Most of the planetary energy is directed towards your core values in yourself, this is an important month for your inner development and beliefs in who you are and where are you going, that may sound tough, but this is a period that could be the making of you as a person.


Last month saw you step out of your shadow and express how you’re really feel about situations, mainly down to the moons cycle in July. This month sees you taking advantage from the progress of last month, redirecting your energy in new positive ways of expression for the benefit of not just you but those around you.


The main astrological event of this month is the solar eclipse in your own sign on the 11th, which is related to the end of a cycle that started in August 2017 and a new beginning this month. If you take time to think back over the last year, for most of you it has been a 12 month period of self-examination and trials and tribulations related to the ongoing eclipses in your own sign and your opposite of Aquarius. However if you have learnt from your experiences, this can be a very rewarding time.


Looking after you is something that Virgos have to learn and appreciate as part of their development. This is going to be a main feature as Mars transits your 6th solar house in retrograde motion, a complicated planetary set up. However if you can listen to what your body is saying then you can get a real insight into how to look after your physical body in new and exciting ways.


On the 7th your ruler Venus enters your own sign, bringing harmony and diplomacy to your thinking process, but also a real sense of confidence. On the 9th Venus squares Saturn, which can be a tricky energy is we are not mature in our outlook when dealing with the frictions of others. However once we get past the early stage of the month there is a sense of enjoyment and pleasure that brings out the best in your personality when dealing with others.


Last month on the 11th saw Jupiter moving direct and during August it now begins to move quickly through your zodiac sign. This is good news for the Scorpio, since March 9th, Jupiter has been retrograde and it is this month when projects that have been put on hold can start to flow much more easily – the word for August – expansion.


The buoyant energy of July is still very much alive in August as you push ahead with new plans related to career and business. Saturn is keeping your creativity firmly grounded, making you a much more self-disciplined individual with your dreams and aspirations for your future, be bold and keep visualising your dreams.


Your planetary ruler Saturn remains in retrograde transit in August, this means from an astrological perspective that your outlook is more internal than external. There are things in life that take time to bear fruition; this is something that you are rather good out, since a name attached to the planet Saturn is ‘Old Father Time’.


Your modern ruler Uranus starts a retrograde motion from the 8th this month for the first time since its entered Taurus. The other main news is the planet of war, Mars is also retrograde in your own sign, this is a complicated combination, because the logical Aquarius is suddenly overtaken by the irrational energy of Mars. This is a period when it’s important to think before you speak, under Mars rays you could say too much that causes more damage than good.


This can be a tricky month for Pisces, particularly at the end when the Sun moves into your opposite sign of Virgo.  However this is increased by Mercury’s retrograde till the 19th and Mars also going backwards in Aquarius. The point to this month is to take stock of current emotional situations that have made you feel that you are pulling in too many directions at once, it may be time to let go of an emotional situation that has stagnated.