August 2017


Related imageAugust is a month when the planet Mercury goes into trickster mode as it moves backwards in the sky in Virgo from the 13th. This always seems to test us since our world is built on technology, transport and the idea of quick communication. It’s important to understand that Mercury retrograde is there to serve our internal needs and to slow down in making decisions that we are currently considering. On the 26th Saturn, old Father times himself moves direct in Sagittarius, the first time since April; new structures in particular with the USA and congress will begin to take form. On the same day Saturn links nicely with the planet Jupiter, so the outcome of any new policies from this period is one of economic growth and education being born. The Full Moon on the 7th at 15 degrees in Aquarius is a new gateway to a point in the astrological calendar known as imbolc; new energy is entering the collective.


The ability to relate to others is an important aspect of human development and can also be the area that sends us the biggest lessons in life. The Aries is a sign that likes to lead and enjoys the company of others as long as they don’t tire easily; this month is a time of patience with others and how to use their skills on your journey.


The emphasis for August is on the practical and how you can get tangible results from your determination and perseverance. Now these all sound like common traits of a Taurus and they are to a degree, but sometimes in life we have to put a bit more effort in before we start to see the results manifest.


From an astrological perspective the planet Mercury is always worth keeping an eye on, this month it goes retrograde from the 13th in the sign of Virgo. This is the area that rules your home life and your emotional foundations, it’s important that you take time to have a relationship with your core self so that you have a solid base to work from.


From the tension of the previous month to the ease of self-expression of August as Venus enters your own sign from the 1st. This is a month when social activities become the centre of your world helping you to relax and unwind. On the 15th Venus opposes Pluto bringing forth a possible exciting encounter with another.


Mars transits through your royal sign this month giving you a well-earned boost in your energy levels. The New Moon on the 21st in Leo centres on a new cycle beginning in terms of your emotions and needs for the next twelve months. This is a time to recognise what is working for you in partnerships and what is not, have faith.


Your ruler Mercury is back in time again going retrograde in your own sign from the 13th causing you to reconsider your options in terms of your life’s direction. This is an important time to make sure you understand your own philosophy. This is a period of inner growth and making sure you are not deceiving yourself.


We are now in the middle part of the summer, and for the Librans a chance to focus on your ambition and direction ready for the autumn. Your ruler Venus is travelling in the zodiac sign of Cancer forming a square aspect with Jupiter in your own sign, matters of the heart could be the main topic of conversation during the next four weeks.


How we are seen in the world at large is important, it is our persona and the way that we want the world to see us. The planet Mars is travelling in the midday part of your solar chart and therefore the planetary energies are strong, this helps you to focus on your career and make some decisive decisions, just be careful that they don’t turn everything upside down with those close to you.


Since Mercury from the 13th is going backwards in the sky you maybe wondering what is happening with your work over the next four weeks. Well the answer to that question is that August is a time to put matters of ambition to one side, the direct motion of Jupiter has seen you over the last two months become confident and optimistic. However this is a month to relax and take time out from your busy schedule.


The big news from an astrological point of view is that your ruler Saturn moves direct from the 26th for its last waltz in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a relief for you as you are feeling a little bit more in control of your life, something you have had to put on hold since April. Now is the time to start launching new projects and ideas that serve you rather than others.


Aquarius is a sign that needs to learn the lesson of its opposite sign Leo of warmth, generosity and creativity on the physical plane. There is a dominance of planets transiting in the royal sign ushering you to learn from your opposing sign more than ever, but don’t lose your identity or be overwhelmed by another’s forceful personality, remaining objective at all times.


We all get muddled sometimes when dealing with other people’s opinions, in your opposing sign Virgo, Mercury the trickster goes retrograde from the 13th. Be prepared for some confusing communications with those close to you, it maybe a period to hold back on any issues or feelings that have been bottled up since April, this is not the time to tell it like it is.