April Horoscopes 2019

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April 2019

For the first time since Jupiter entered into Sagittarius back in November 2018, the planet goes retrograde on the 10th where it will remain going backwards till mid-August. This creates a much more reflective planetary energy that can be used to make sure that any plans or new ventures that were started back in November are working for you in a positive way. The USA may find that they have to begin to step back from the world stage to concentrate on their own domestic matters. Mars the God of War enters into Gemini from the 1st a symbol of fluctuating opinions and verbal insults, but also a direct and forceful way of communicating on the political stage. The New Moon on the 5th is in the degree of ‘treachery’ ‘a man struggling in the water with a broken footbridge above his head’. The symbol of the degree in essence is about trust and how much we trust in others people’s words and promises, from a political standpoint this could be quite a dynamic month for many of the politicians that are centre stage in their own governments.



The tempo changes this month as your ruler Mars begins its journey into Gemini and your 3rd solar house. This means that all forms of communication are top of the agenda as you focus on getting new ideas across to those close to you. The energy of Venus in your 12th house adds a touch of the magical in your inner life, creating a new insight into your spiritual life.



The energy shifts in focus as your attention is drawn to the financial sector of your life as Mars moves into your 2nd solar house. Anything over the last two years concerning money that you have put off making a decision will now have to be confronted and acted upon. Use this Mars energy wisely and you could find that you have much more control over your finances for the future.




There is a refreshing quality to the month of April as the retrograde energy of last month burns out to reveal a much more positive four weeks. In the middle of the month the planet Jupiter goes backwards in your opposite sign helping you to put new ideas into a better perspective in terms of how they can work on a practical level for the future.



Sometimes in life we have to be aware of where your anger is coming from and who directing anger towards us is. The planet Mars is travelling in the unconscioness part of your chart, however this does not mean that you can’t access your own motivations. To get the best out of this transit look to external influences in other people that could be preventing you from moving forward into your own life – don’t get absorbed by dramas that are not of your own making.



The big news for Leo’s this month is the planet Uranus is now travelling in your solar 10th house for the next seven years. Uranus brings in lots of change and unpredictability in your aspirations, if you embrace these changes this could be a powerful time when you branch out into new career areas that in the past you thought were not possible.



The planet Mercury is now transiting and moving forward in the relationship area of your chart, this is a good time to make plans in moving forward in how you relate to others. There is such a pull towards not making the same mistakes in your partnerships that you could at first feel a little lost, hold on though, your about to shake things up with your own inner needs.



The area of work and service to others still needs your attention; the main difference is that you can do something about issues from last month. This creates a far more rewarding time than the previous four weeks to actually start to put projects into fourth gear. This is helped by your planet Venus travelling in Pisces in your solar 6th house.



If you are a Scorpio that is born in the first few days of the Sun in your own sign in late October then you will begin to feel the energy of Uranus. Uranus is pushing you to break free from the restrictions of other people’s expectations on how you should behave. This is going to be the major themes for all Scorpios over the next seven years, so it’s energy that one way or another, you have to get used to it!



The major news for the archers is your ruler travels retrograde on the 10th until the middle of August. During this period it’s important to not get frustrated with any delays that seem to occur. This is the time to review your new projects and visions that stared at the end of last year. Retrogrades give you a chance to make sure that the foundations that you have built a business, partnership or new educational training are on solid ground for the future.



April is a quieter month than March, simply because the planets are much more settled in their energy. The Sun transits in your 3rd solar house, lighting up all forms of communication and short distant travelling over the next four weeks. This is a great opportunity to convey your ideas in work and educational settings; you might just find yourself in a position of authority.



This year so far has seen an expansion in your friendships and group activities, two areas that Aquarians naturally gravitate towards. However you might find yourself having to do a lot more work to keep those new friendships from spirally into old patterns of behaviour, namely jealousy and possesivness on their part – be present.



The traditional ruler of your sign is Jupiter which is travelling in the 10th solar house of your chart. From the 10th of the month Jupiter starts moving backwards in the sky relating directly to your career and personal ambitions. This is a time to step back a little and observe your own actions in your work before committing to any more responsibilities that could frustrate you in the future.