April 2024

The planetary activity this month is one of movement apart from Mercury which is retrograde in Aries until the 25th when it moves direct. This is made more complicated by the conjunction over the month with the planet Venus which is also in Aries from the 6th. The planet of assertiveness Mars is transiting in the zodiac sign of Pisces shifting up unconsciousness urges from the collective. We also have a Total Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees in Aries on the 8th. The New cycle of the year begins as the Sun and Moon make a conjunction with each other , this usually brings in a sense of renewal and optimism. The planets Jupiter and Uranus are also forming a tight square with each other in the second half of the month, this can magnify any ongoing issues and technological advancements from a positive and negative viewpoint, it depends on how we as a collective respond to these planetary energies.