April 2023

The planet Jupiter is travelling in its final full month through the astrological sign of Aries before it enters the zodiac sign Taurus, meaning the energy of Jupiter brings in a high degree of optimism and farsightedness. However over the next four weeks we get a real taste of how the planet Pluto will evolve in Aquarius. We will all have to get use the energetic shift over the next twenty years that Pluto takes to pass through Aquarius. This is a marked period of transition when the focus becomes more about collective responsibility and less about individual society. This should take the form of new economics and social justice movements that are less on the fringes and more in the mainstream that have a real impact on our political systems for the future. This is a major turning point in the cycle of human awareness taking place. On the 20th we have a New Moon at 29 degrees in Aries as well as a total solar eclipse ‘A horseman, armed as if for battle is watching the wanning moon’ it is in the degree of isolation.