April 2020

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On the 1st of this month the malefic planets Mars and Saturn make a conjunction with each other in Aquarius, revolution is in the air. For the UK this is placed in their 5th house of creativity and speculation, while the USA has the conjunction in their 3rd house, both countries are planning new policies in terms of infrastructure in transport and early education in the health sectors. On the 23rd we have a New Moon at 3 degrees in Taurus ‘a burning brand beneath the paw of a lion, whose rage is against it’. This New Moon also makes a conjunction to Uranus, making this the start of an unpredictable cycle in the moons phases that will have an impact on farming and agriculture in terms of new technology. This is when the planet Uranus really begins to show us how it is going to manifest in Taurus.




Friendship and the ability to focus on group endeavours and the collective is going to be a marked feature of the month April. However to add to this group energy the planet Saturn moves into your solar 11th house over the next two and half years creating a shift in firmer foundations in regard to idealistic dreams.



The vibration of Venus changes on the 4th as it transits into Gemini and your financial sector of your chart, which could indicate a bit of over spending on luxury goods. This could make you feel good and blessed but only if your bank balance can support it! Watch out towards the end of the month when Venus makes a square aspect to Neptune, the head in the clouds syndrome.



There is a more outward expression over the next four weeks than the previous month, which will suit your personality better as you seek to create changes in your life. This is added by Venus entering your own sign on the 4th which relates to social activities including creative urges and design.



Since the Sun is travelling and lighten up the health sector of your chart, the emphasis should be on how you are looking after yourself this month. This has been a reoccurring theme over the last nine months since the eclipses of July last year. Now is your opportunity to really feel that you are making progress in your general health.




Having a strong moral structure to your motivations is going to be key to understanding yourself and others around you. The Sun and Mercury are transiting your solar 9th house, the placement of adventure and higher education, a perfect time to enrol on that course you have been debating in your mind for so long.




The energy and themes of the month are mainly going to come from how you have reacted and responded to other people’s emotional issues. If the case that you have been receptive then you will find this month rewarding, however if you have been wrapped too much in your own emotional needs you might find yourself facing a few home truths.



Venus dances in the dualistic air sign of Gemini in your solar 9th house of long distance travel and higher knowledge. The theme over the next four weeks will be one of creating harmony and peace when exploring far out subject matters that appeal to your sense of ascetics.



After the drama of the previous month these next four weeks will feel like a breath of fresh air, Mars is travelling in your 4th house of the home and property. If you are thinking of redecorating your house or moving, then this could be a perfect time to act with full gusto.




Venus transits the partnership area of your chart; this can ease communication with those close to you and make you more aware of their emotional needs. However you need to get a balance between making time for yourself and creating space for yourself to help you recalibrate your own needs.




As well as Saturn now travelling in your solar 2nd house Mars has also joined the fray, meaning most of your energy is going towards your finances in April. However both Mars and Saturn are also linking up with the planet Uranus in a positive way allowing new insights into growing a business on your own for the future.




You are given a Mars boost as the red planet travels into your own sign for the next six weeks. This is also supported by the transiting planet Saturn enticing Mars to focus on one or two goals. If you can achieve that then this can be a month when you really do move mountains.




On the 11th Mercury moves out of your own sign into Aries helping you to concentrate of your finances for the future. The planet Saturn has also moved into your 12th house unlocking old fears and repetitive patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you, time to break the cycle that has been stopping you from moving forward.