April 2017

April 2017

We have a Libran full moon on the 11th at 21 degrees ‘a bridge in a broken and dilapidated condition spanning over the dry bed of river’ is in the degree of ‘collapse’. This is a powerful month as a new cycle begins to manifest, anything that was hidden over the winter period will begin to show up in the spring light. We also have Mercury retrograde from the 10th in the sign of Taurus; the trickster meets the immoveable force, quite a challenge for us all. On the 26th the New Moon ignites its rays in Taurus at 6 degrees while Venus slowly moves forward in Aries. The USA could find itself going through some testing times as its chart ruler Jupiter goes backwards in the sky causing political undercurrents to come to the collective consciousness. Finally the planet Saturn turns retrograde on the 6th in Sagittarius; communication with overseas countries takes a backward step leading to confusion about allies on the world stage.


The Suns energy beams down on you this month and really you should take full advantage of this by starting new projects and relationships. There is a duality about April as Mars travels through Taurus bringing in hard work and then on the 21st ingress into Gemini adding a puckish charm to your nature and outlook. Other people around you will enjoy your conversations and learn much from your wisdom, just don’t let it all go to your head!


The good news is that on the 15th your ruler Venus goes direct, the bad news is that on the 10th Mercury goes retrograde in your own sign. It might just be a case of one step forward and two steps back this month as you learn the precious lesson of adaptability in April. On the 26th you have a New Moon at 6 degrees in Taurus a strong symbol of planting new seeds of ideas to grow into the future.


There are some interesting planetary forces this month for the twins, the focus should be about the decisions that you made early in January in the last Mercury retrograde. From the 10th your ruler goes backwards again and this is a time not to panic but to dwell on your achievements so far this year, we are now in the season of spring and this should feel like an opportunity or a new start, something the Gemini loves.


There is a distinct shift for you over the next four weeks, much more stability and a feeling that progress is beginning. The Full Moon on the 11th hits your home life and inner foundations illuminating new aspects of your development, while the New Moon on the 26th focuses on your friendships and collective issues. Any intuitions that you have about world events could well be insightful and prophetic, trust in yourself.


The shackles of last month are off; at least that is how it will feel for the Lions in April. However you might just have to be careful in the career area of your chart as Mercury from the 10th is going backwards, be careful in how you express your ideas to others, misunderstandings can play havoc when the trickster energy of Mercury is in full flow. But if you have plans that have been put on hold since the beginning of the year then this could be a good time to move them forward.


This is a much more outward looking month for the Virgo’s, you are now in pole position to embark on some new directions, your ruler is retrograde from the 10th but this is in a earth sign like yourself and therefore can be quite productive in its energy. From the 3rd Venus enters your opposing sign of Pisces making any major decisions that you made last month in regard to partnerships revealing in the other persons motivations.


Recovering from the much needed but tiring period of March can be a bit of a mantra, however the planetary energy of April demands that you direct a lot of your energy to other people. Jupiter which is traveling in your own sign is going retrograde and so you need the help of others to expand your world. Your planetary ruler Venus moves forward from the 15th in your opposite sign of Aries helping you to begin to focus on how others view you.


Sometimes in life we have to compromise and agree to disagree, this helps to progress in a relationship, project or just how we speak our minds to others. For most of you this is the main theme of April, your natural inclination is to observe and then give your judgement of whatever situation your friend or family member is in, but this month, try to look at it through their eyes.


If March was about taking stock then April is about realising that you can’t do everything all at once, Saturn starts on the 6th going backwards in your own sign which in turn puts you in a reflective mood, and this can be a benefit as you can give some very wise advice to those who ask for your opinion. It is only from the 15th that the social aspect of your life begins to liven up.


The intensity of last month is put on the backburner as your planetary ruler Saturn is retrograde from the 5th onwards. This can enable you to take stock of your life’s direction and to check if you feel, yes feel, that you’re heading in the right direction, if you’re not; the signs and symbols of the universe will let you know.


There are an awful lot of planets retrograde this month and in the coming year of 2017 I think this is the hardest month for us all. The Aquarius needs to be objective in regard to the collective so at least there is one sane zodiac sign that can lead us all away from trouble – that is your role in April and it’s a role you were born to play.


Venus joins your own party by entering your own sign on the 3rd however it is going backwards in the sky and therefore will bring up old issues in the relating area of your life from the past. Your traditional ruler Jupiter is also retrograde in Libra, this is delving into the deeper meaning of life and this could be quite a spiritually uplifting month for you in regard to feeling that you are finally on the right path.