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What the stars hold for Cameron and Obama in 2012

Tuesday 03 January 2012

More riots in the summer, Cameron in trouble and Obama re-elected – just three predictions for 2012 from a political astrologer writing for Channel 4 News. Read on for more.

The turbulent planetary energies that have been contributing to the financial meltdown have raised a new awareness of how we, as a collective, live our lives, writes Demian Allan.

The UK’s is a chart dominated by cardinal signs (a sign of the zodiac which “hinges” a change of season), Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. This means that world events are being projected and instigated through the UK on a cultural and historic basis. This has always been the case as cardinal signs are action-orientated and are not content to sit on the sidelines.

David Cameron is a Libran sun sign with Libra rising; he is the archetypal British leader as seen through the eyes of other countries. However he is probably glad to see the back of 2011 and perhaps on a personal level he will find 2012 a year when he does not have to try so hard to lead his party.

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The problem is that the UK is going to hit a crisis point and the first of these will be in the period of 5-8 June until September 2012, as the planets Uranus and Pluto clash with each other and the UK chart faces a critical time in its astrology chart. This is a period of great upheaval in the UK when more riots will occur and education, economics, agriculture and health sectors will be in dire need of new reforms and review.

A full moon silhouettes the Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., March 6, 2004. Made of cast iron, the U.S. Capitol dome is actually two domes; the exterior is a thin shell supported by a ring of 36 curved iron ribs, and underneath is a smaller interior dome, open at the top. The Statue of Freedom, standing at 19 feet, six inches tall, is the crowning feature of the building. PHOTO TAKEN MARCH 6 . NO RIGHTS CLEARANCES OR PERMISSIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS IMAGE UNICS REUTERS/Gary Cameron  GACThe way we live our lives will need to be altered by all of us, however the UK government seems oblivious to what is really going on, forcing more cutbacks in the name of “financial stability” and Cameron will not come out of this period in a good state since his reactions will be perceived as ineffectual.

Moon rising over the White House.

The US chart has been going through a mini-metamorphosis of late, which allows the country to redevelop its image to the rest of the world.

The US elections are to be held on Tuesday 6 November 2012, which is significant for Barack Obama because the moon is in Leo that day (and Leo is his sun sign).

The future might still look grim for the US but there is a trust in Barack Obama as the moon aspects the US north node in Leo, allowing a new cycle to begin for the country. I would assume that Obama remains the president of the US, but only just! The moon’s energy is rather fluctuating in nature making his opponents and his party “social chameleons” that change their minds like the tide, Obama only has to stick to his policies to win this election.

On a general note 2012 will see more demonstrations against capitalism allowing the general public to find their voice. It is not politics that will change the outcome of the way we live in the future, but us as humans and our desire for change.

If you take a look back into history when the planets Uranus and Pluto last aspected each other you can see that we are in for major changes; there was the English civil war, the 1848 European revolution, the French revolution and the birth of the sixties cultural revolution in 1965/66.

There are powerful planetary forces at work and if there is one thing we can all rely on in 2012 – it is change!

Demian Allan is a professional astrologer, psychic and spiritual teacher.

Demian was asked for his opinion on the recession in 2012 alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury for Channel 4 News.

Cheer up Nick…

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Nick Clegg is feeling gloomy about 2012, warning that it will pose “many great challenges” for everyone in Britain. Do you agree with him – or are there reasons to be cheerful?


Perhaps the deputy prime minister didn’t get what he wanted from Father Christmas, or maybe someone else got all the lucky charms in the Christmas pudding.

Whatever the reason, Nick Clegg’s New Year message to Liberal Democrat activists is somewhat lacking in Christmas good cheer.

The picture is of atoms spinning apart in the dark. Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams

He warned: “There are no easy years when you are in government, and we have had to show real strength in 2011. The next year will be one that poses many great challenges for everyone in Britain, but I know we must continue to do what’s right for our country.”

He listed some achievements he believed the coalition has made – such as giving a million extra children a “fairer start in life” under the pupil premium funding deal, as well as pushing for the world’s first Green Investment Bank. But Mr Clegg’s overall message was of tough times – and he’s not the only one eyeing 2012 with some concern.

But are they right? Henry Mason, head of research at trends company, is of the “always look on the bright side” school of thought.

He told Channel 4 News: “While we’re not disputing that stuff is gloomy, the economy is not exactly booming, if you look on a global scale there are hundreds of millions of people if not billions for whom 2012 will be significantly better than 2011 was, and for whom 2011 was better than 2010.

“There are always some people doing well, there are always opportunities, there are always new developments.”

I think people are slightly fed up with this kind of bland pretence that everything’s perfect. Henry Mason,

“Big business has not covered itself in glory in the last few years. I think people are slightly fed up with this kind of bland pretence that everything’s perfect,” he said.

And if you are still not convinced, perhaps it’s time to trust in the stars. Unfortunately, political astrologer Demian Allan told Channel 4 News they aren’t looking so cheerful either.

“The UK astrology chart indicates strong marked planetary aspects that suggest that the current recession that we as a country are experiencing will continue into the year 2012 and beyond.

“From an astrological long term view, I can only envisage a recovery of the UK’s financial stability in the year 2015 due to a restructure of ‘new’ industries,” he said.

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Demian is currently writing a new astrology book but also writes for various national magazines.

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