• March Horoscopes

    March 2018 The big astrological news for this month is for the first time since Jupiter entered Scorpio in October last year this benevolent planet goes retrograde on the 9th. This will continue until mid-July causing shifts in the political arena in regards to hidden secrets in the corporate world. On the 17th there is Continue reading »

  • February Horoscopes

    The energy of the month becomes a little lighter for most of us the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all travelling in the sign of Aquarius and the North Node is in the opposite sign of Leo. This axis helps to focus us all on the individual and the collective. The opposing nature of February Continue reading »

  • January 2018

    January 2018 The start of the year could feel a little bit like an after party hangover, Mercury is still in its shadow period from its retrograde from last month. On the 11th the trickster moves into Capricorn linking up with Saturn and the Pluto later in the month, rigid thinking and restrictive policies in Continue reading »

  • November Horoscopes 2017

    The month of November will feel tense compared to the previous four weeks, Mercury travels through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which always causes delays and political strife overseas. Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th making a conjunction with Jupiter on the 13th, a positive aspects but can bring out rather too much self-indulgence in Continue reading »

  • The Astrology of Uranus in Libra and Aries and Gender Roles.

    Uranus is a planet in modern astrology of change, the ruler of Aquarius, the waterbearer of the constellations. In practice (what I mean by my own observations) is that Uranus indicates a sought of ‘disruption’ or awakening in a client’s chart by transit, progression or Solar arc. These awakenings usually occur although not always by Continue reading »

  • October Horoscopes 2017

    This is a month when the planets seem to speed up in their energy and intention, Pluto moves forward in Capricorn between 16 and 17 degrees. The big news is Jupiter for the first time in twelve years transits into the sign of Scorpio on the 11th. Jupiter and Scorpio are a combination that wants Continue reading »

  • September 2017

    We come off the back of Mercury retrograde, as the trickster moves forward on the 5th in the royal sign of Leo. Jupiter is in its last dance with Libra igniting the justice system and contributing to a need for strong diplomacy to be incorporated into the West. The three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Continue reading »

  • August 2017

      August is a month when the planet Mercury goes into trickster mode as it moves backwards in the sky in Virgo from the 13th. This always seems to test us since our world is built on technology, transport and the idea of quick communication. It’s important to understand that Mercury retrograde is there to Continue reading »

  • There’s is something about Jasper

    There’s something about Jasper. By Demian Allan I would call myself a moderate alternative, a person who seeks a liberal attitude to life whilst taking an active role in society, or perhaps that is just being middle aged. Being a full time working astrologer you are immediately pigeonholed as being on the outskirts of popular Continue reading »

  • July 2017

    July We move from the high energy of spring to the mellow summer as the Sun transits through the zodiac sign of Cancer until the 23rd when it moves into the royal sign of Leo. The month will feel for many a period in the year when we can feel we are starting to gain Continue reading »